Privacy Policy

Privacy PolicySeptember 2016 (Revised)

Please make sure to confirm this Privacy Policy before providing personal information.
FryStar Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) will strive to ensure privacy protection with regard to the handling of personal information provided by our customers.

01.Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
The Company will acquire and use personal information for the purpose of promotion, survey, and responding to customers’ inquiries, etc.
02.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
When handling personal information provided, the Company shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, other related laws and regulations, and this Policy.
03.Purpose of Use
The Company will strive to expressly indicate necessary information including the purpose of use and the inquiry counter, or obtain the consent of customers before acquiring personal information. In the case of changing the purpose of use of personal information provided, the Company will announce the purpose of the revised use, or notify the individual in question.
04.Restrictions on Provision to Third Parties
Unless there are reasonable grounds under laws and regulations, etc., the Company will not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the consent of the customer in question.
05.Security Control
The Company will strive to establish a system with the objective of the proper handling of the personal information provided to us, and to offer in-house training on an ongoing basis.
The Company will implement necessary and proper security control measures that conform to current technical levels, while paying the utmost attention to risks, such as data breaches and external hackers in connection with the management of personal information provided.
06.Alteration of Privacy Policy
Please note that the Privacy Policy may be revised due to the alteration of laws and regulations applicable to personal information.
In cases where the Privacy Policy is revised, the revised Policy will be posted on this website without notice.
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