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In general, dough preparation methods can be divided into two types. The first type, known as direct mixing, involves mixing of the main ingredients with water all at once. The second method, known as the sponge and dough method, involves first mixing about 70% of the flour, yeast and so forth (base ingredients) to make the sponge and, after this portion has fermented, mixing it with the remaining ingredients.These large-sized panko give a sense of greater volume to fried foods and offer a delightfully crispy texture. Demand for this type is high among tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) specialty shops and other such businesses.01Preparation of the doughBread-baking methods can be roughly divided into the following two types. The first type, known as the roasting method, involves roasting fermented bread dough in an oven and then crushing it to make panko. The second type, the electrode-cooking method, involves placing the fermented bread dough between electrode plates and baking it by passing an electrical current through, followed by crushing to make the final panko product.02Baking to aromatic perfectionProduction method differencesSize-based categorizations and characteristics after deep-frying● Coarsely ground panko (10mm - 15mm)The most widely used type, medium-ground panko is utilized in homes and restaurants everywhere. In addition applications in fried-food bread-crumb coatings, this panko can be used to firm up hamburger steaks and in many other types of cooking.● Medium-ground panko (6mm - 9mm)This finely ground panko allows heat to pass through quickly to the ingredients within and promotes greater shedding of oils. It is often used to make croquettes, gratin and other such dishes.● Finely ground panko (5 mm or less)Direct mixing methodThis method creates flavorful panko that preserves the original bread's taste. FryStar utilize this mixing method.Sponge and dough methodThis method results in soft-textured panko, but its color fades slightly when deep-fried in oil.Roasting methodThis method results in soft, flavorful panko with strong aromatic properties. FryStar utilizes this baking method.Electrode-cooking methodThis method weakens the bread's taste somewhat and results in panko that hardens when deep-fried. It is characterized by its white-colored panko.



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