FRYSTAR Corporate Profile

1945–541955–641965–19741975–PresentDuring the period immediately following World War II, Fuji Food Industry Co., Ltd. (the predecessor to FryStar) was producing and selling baking powder in a small factory in Ofuna, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture.They began to wonder if the high-speed grinder used to produce baking powder could not be put to other uses as well, and from this came the idea to make panko. Production of panko was started in 1950, and on that first day FryStar Co., Ltd. was also established.1945–541965–1974Began Sales of FryStar-brand PankoWhile waiting on the platform for a train at Ofuna Station, the product name "FryStar" suddenly came to Hiroshi Seki, who was company president at the time. "Fry" because panko is used to make fried foods, and "star" because the Shochiku Film Studio was located next to Ofuna Station at the time, meaning that movie stars could often be seen. Seki's idea of putting "Fry" and "Star" together resulted in the name of the product and the company, both of which are still used today.1955–64History1947 Established Fuji Food industry Co.,Ltd.1950 Began manufacturing panko1956 Began sales of FryStar branded panko1957 Opened the Ofuna factory1958 Began sales of panko for home use1965 Opened the Kamakura factory1966 Launched sales of FryStar Seven1968 Completed the renewal of the Ofuna factory1970 Completed the renewal of the Kamakura factory1977 Opened the Shiga factory1981 Masao Seki appointed as president1982 Opened the Shizuoka factory1983 Began sales of gelatinized products1985 Began sales of fresh bread crumbs for home use1988 Changed the company name to FryStar Co,.Ltd.1989 Opened the Tokai factory    Relocated the head office to Shin-Yokohama1998 Completed full renovation of the Shiga factory2002 Completed full renovation of the Shizuoka factory2003 Takashi Miyakawa appointed as president2004 Completed renovation of the Tokai factory2006 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the FryStar brand2007 Celebrated the 60th anniversary of our founding2008 Obtained JAS certification for the Tokai and Shiga factories2011 FryStar Seven along with an entry from FUJI TOKUSHU SHIGYO Co., Ltd. jointly received a Golden Cylinder Award in the "Technical Innovation" category (awards hosted by the Gravure Association of the Americas)2014 Received the Honorable Mention Award at the 23rd Food Product Safety and Environmental Contribution AwardsDemand for panko shot up with the proliferation of new supermarkets and increasingly Westernized dietary tastes in Japan. In order to meet this growing demand, we established our Shiga factory in 1977, established our Tokai factory in 1989 and relocated our head office to the Shin-Yokohama area.Both factories now utilized full automation in all processes ranging from the transfer ingredients from flour storage tanks through to final product packaging.In 1998, new technologies were introduced in the Shiga factory as part of a complete facility overhaul, and in 1982 we developed Argel Powder at the newly built Shizuoka factory as part of continuing efforts to break into other food-product fields in addition to panko production.1975–PresentBegan Sales of FryStar SevenFryStar Seven was created during this era of extremely rapid supermarket construction and expansion.This product contained 270 grams of product instead of the standard 120 grams, and its market share expanded rapidly along with the Japanese economy during the postwar era of high-speed growth.



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