FRYSTAR Corporate Profile

Panko, The Magic IngredientBrings a Smile to Anyone's FaceNow as in the past, tonkatsu deep-fried pork cutlets give people the energy they need to keep going.Now as in the past, fried shrimp causes children to jump with joy the moment it is served.Now as in the past, deep-fried croquettes enjoy immense popularity among adults and children alike.Fried foods bring a smile to everyone's face at any age,and panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs) are vital ingredients used to bring out the delectable flavors of those main ingredients.Although panko plays only a supporting role as breading for fried dishes as well as an ingredient in gratin, a firming ingredient for hamburger steaks and so forth, to the person who runs the kitchen it is an indispensable magic ingredient with a wide range of usages.We continue to make this magic ingredient with the goal of bringing the joy of eating to every customer's table.SmileSmile



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