FRYSTAR Corporate Profile

Completely automated production, untouched by human hands throughout the entire processFirst bread crumb maker to introduce vacuum coolers and storerooms for fresh bread crumbsFryStar's ObjectivesApproachStriving for even greater qualityOur company was founded in 1947 near the massive Ofuna Kannon statue in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Although we originally produced and sold baking powder, one high-speed grinder convinced us to switch our focus over to panko (Japanese-style bread crumbs) instead. Our predecessors pursued research, accumulated knowledge and developed technologies in the then-unexplored field of panko production while making products that succeeded on the market. Each and every employee maintained a forward-looking attitude as they pursued their work—a way of thinking dating back to the company's founding, and one that remains unchanged today.As a company that focuses on rich food textures, we will continue striving to provide the best textures available while delivering joy to each customer's table.Always pursuing higher productivityFryStar is a Leader in the Panko IndustryBy providing delightful fwe offer customers delienjoyment and happineBy providing delightful fwe offer customers delienjoyment and happineCorporate philosophy of FryStar, a comUncompromising and stringent quality control123Based on a sound and reliable mawe make contributions to customerlarge in pursuit of company prospeAll of our employees prioritize trustwe pursue production efforts focusenvironmental considerations.We put sincerity first as we proactito grow further rather than contentour current achievements.President DirectorFaith~Faith~Responsible~Responsibility~~Quality~Quality(Seki Masao)



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