FRYSTAR Corporate Profile

Thoroughgoing sanitation management and safety measures every dayOffering our customers peace of mindContinuous creation of safe products and stable supply of products tailored to customer needs— these describe our mission as a company. At FryStar factories, we process safe ingredients in the cleanest environments possible in order to offer products that customers can consume without worry or fear. In order to achieve this, we have established a sanitation management system based on a wide range of measures and approaches.The "human factor" is often the source of many problems in production operations, and the mere utilization of expensive production equipment alone will not necessarily lead to safe products. We believe that achieving a good balance between worker abilities and equipment performance can lead to smooth-running, efficient and stable production line operations.Consumers' interest in food products has been rising rapidly in recent years, and in order to give tangible form to our strong focus on reliable quality, we aim to make even greater efforts than before as we move forward.Thorough and rigorous visual inspectionsAtmospheric pressure in the packaging room has been adjusted to achieve improved sanitary conditionsConstant, diligent inspections to ensure product qualityCafeteriaPresentation roomConference roomSafe products are made not by machines, but by the efforts and abilities of people.We strive to achieve factory production environments that can be shown off proudly, no matter when visitors may arrive. This is how we operate our factories, and we intend to keep it that way. We believe the cultivation of good working environments in these factories is of the utmost importance, for doing so enables employees to work in comfort and without worry, which in turn makes it possible for them to produce safe products. Our goal is to maintain high levels of motivation as each employee carries out his or her work. This, we believe, leads to stable product provision and improved product quality.



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