FRYSTAR Corporate Profile

Our FactoriesTokai factoryIntegrating longstanding techniques with state-of-the-art facilitiesOur Tokai factory has successfully increased productivity with its modem, fully automated facilities and the well-honed expertise that has been handed down over the years. Taking full advantage of our production lines, which incorporate FryStar's unique approach, we manufacture products that are consistently of the highest quality.ADDRESS1500-2 Misawa,Kikugawa City,Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan 439-0023JAS certified panko factoryShiga factoryEnsuring a highly hygienic environment and efficient production lineOur Shiga factory incorporates many innovations to create an environment capable of meeting the ever-higher standards of hygiene. Facilities such as vacuum coolers and storerooms have been installed in addition to fully-auto-mated production lines, and we intend to continually introduce new advances to establish higher levels of satisfaction.ADDRESS1426 Ukawa,Minakuchi-cho,Koka City,Shiga Prefecture,Japan 528-0052JAS certified panko factoryShizuoka factoryNew possibilities in daily culinary culture through gelatinized cereal productsTurning the ingredients we make today into finished products before day's end— this idea was the original inspiration for our Shizuoka factory.Using our extruder equipment, we heat and compress base ingredients all at once to gelatinize them, transforming cereal grains into gelatinized products in just a short time. At the Shizuoka factory, we also make products designed in response to the increasing diversification of food ingredients.ADDRESS1902 Akatsuchi,Kikugawa City,Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan 437-1507This wheat contains starch that has been gelatinized by applying heat. It is widely used for flour-based processed foods to enhance water absorption and retention properties as to improve texture.Gelatinized Wheat



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